IVVY Moves to Victor Entertainment

IVVY had their major debut last year on October 17th, and had been making their way up since then, releasing their 2nd single this past May. Recently, they have finished up their very first tour, "Heart Beat," in Osaka and Tokyo. It was announced at the Tokyo showing that they will be releasing a third … Continue reading IVVY Moves to Victor Entertainment

SELLOUT Major Debut!!

Hi everyone! I have exciting news! SELLOUT just had their 3rd anniversary live on August 17th, which was the day three years ago when they had their very first event as a group. On that day, they announced that they will be having their major debut next spring! I am very happy for them, because … Continue reading SELLOUT Major Debut!!

Idol Recommendation: MADKID

Rainbow Pudding


Finally no overtime today! So I can have some time to blog..

Today also, I’ll introduce you to a very recommended J-POP group that I like!

Today it’s MADKID!!

*clap hands*

Soo.. I actually was blogwalking and stumbled upon Karu-chan ‘s blog and discovered them recently!

At first I was like, nayyy, since tbh I don’t really like idols with those those edgy flashy looks (+colorful hairs) so in one glance I am visually sooo not really into them. You see in this blog all I adore are cute and simple idol right?lol but well from the previous misjudgement experience, I learned well and decided to give their PV a chance to watch..

And woahhhh! Honestly, I’m surprised!!

Their songs and dance are reallyyyy good!! Hshshhs! I never expected I could like this kind of song! It’s like, so upbeat, fast, hiphop,rap but still has this refreshing J-POP feelings into them?…

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